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A Glimpse into the Digitron 1.0

Early version of the BikeTrace electronic lock was on display on 8th May at HBG Tech Demo Day, Helsingborg’s City biggest tech event. This early design combines a number of geometrical shapes in an unusual way. This is a version of the traditional bicyle framelock. One of the reasons for adopting this shape is due to the fact statistics have shown it to be the most popular lock in Sweden. This type of lock is used in combination with a variety of other locks such as U-shaped, foldable, and cable locks.

The Digitron will make the locking process a very efficient one. It will eliminate issues relating to carrying keys which can be lost, or broken specially during winter season when keyholes from bike locks have the tendency to jam. Proximity unlocking is also a feature that will ease the lock/unlock process as it will pair with devices as individuals approach their bikes.

For more information about BikeTrace Digitron lock visit BikeTrace website

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